THE PERCEPTiVE i – the awakening

Perceptive interactive installation, choreography, projection
September 23, 2015
Studio Area 59 // Amsterdam [NL]

THE PERCEPTiVE i performance investigates the awakening of consciousness. It immerses its participants into the secret stages of perception. The two dancers are slowly discovering the world and themselves using the tactile perception of the installation.

It is not the eye that does the perception, the eye is only sensitive to visual stimulus, it is the I that analyses and integrates the meaning. By using custom written perceptive algorithms, the installation brings to surface the hidden layers that humans experience every single moment of their wakeful life.

These moments prove that humans are able to value art, its movements or techniques because the mind has already experienced it.



Area 59, Amsterdam, NL


Dance Group Jacob Kleyn, Amsterdam, NL


Dance Group Jacob Kleyn, Amsterdam, NL


Rozentheater, Amsterdam, NL


Packhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, NL


Sala Dalles, Bucharest, RO