Ruxandra Cristina BOCIN-DUMITRIU was born in Bucharest [RO] in 1979. She is currently living and working in Amsterdam [NL].

Ruxandra immerses her spectators into all facets of interactivity. Her elected themes investigate perception mechanisms, digital dimensions and technologies, media and broadcasting issues, surveillance society and society paradigm shifts generated from new technologies. Recent works unveil the theme of surveillance where the artist focuses on the paraphernalia of surveillance, peerveillance and sousveillance and the fine social and psychological changes they bring [Surveillance Society 2014 – Toronto CA // 2011 – Pennsylvania, USA // 2011 – Haifa, Israel // 2010 – New Hampshire, USA]. Perception is her second red thread of her art endevour [THE PERCEPTiVE i 2012, 2011, 2002 // Listen to the music 2005, 2003 // Postmodern Archaeology 2004] where the artist explores the facets of brain visual deconstruction and its consequences for art.

Professional visual artist, Ruxandra received M.F.A. in visual arts from Bucharest Fine Arts University in parallel with B.S in Computer and Automated Sciences from Bucharest Polytechnics University. She has completed her art researches at Copenhagen University at Film and Media Studies department. Studying both art and technology meant that the artist got in very close contact with both hard programming (C++, Java, artificial intelligence) and pure graphic art studies. This unusual combination led to an ease of expression through technology as well a special take on visual metaphors. Member of International Artists Association since 2006 and of Romanian Fine Artists Union since 2005, Ruxandra is also the recipient of multiple advertising awards [Cannes Lions // Epica Awards].

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