Their love, their hate, their jealousy, have perished long since, and they will never have any further part in what goes on under the sun.

Hoe heb ik Vicente ontmoet – Tien werkwoorden – Ik leer Nederlands (3)

Ik had aangenomen dat hij was al ingehuurd door Ben, anders zou ik nooit hebben hem die baan geboden.

Later, toen heb ik Ben weer ontmoet, en ik al zei ik had zijn Vicente ingehuurd, was hij verrast:

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Tien werkwoorden – Ik leer Nederlands (2)

- Heb jij die dag genoten? De hele ochtend en middag heb je op het strand doorgebracht…
- Het was geweldig! Hedurende vier uur, heb ik niet de stilte van de golven gebroken, en aan de horizon gekeken.
- Vier uur, en jij bent niet gedaan? ze heeft zoet gelachen. Je moet maar even schrijven al deze..
- Ik zal… , na een minuut stitle heb ik gezegd Continue Reading →

Ik leer Nederlands (1)

Ik kijk uit het raam uit en ik zie veel groene bomen . De hemel is licht-blauw en de zon is bijna gaat slapen. Vandag heb ik heel veel dingen gemaakt gedaan, maar heb ik ik heb nog veel energie. Naast het stegje, zek ik een fiets. Wit met zwart, hij zit kalm en rustig.

My 2010 list

following the last two year’s tradition, here is a list of things I did for the first time in my life, during 2010. Enjoy!

1) was a paranymph at my fiance’s doctoral defense at VU Amsterdam.
2) witnessed a full ceremony doctoral defense at Vrije Universiteit
3) was asked and got the ring on the Zeedijk bridge in Amsterdam
4) locked the love lock on the Hohenzollern bridge in Cologne  Continue Reading →

Eugene Ionesco, my dearest absurd

I revisited in the past week Eugene Ionesco after more than ten years: a theatre play collection of The chairs, The Lesson, Victims of Duty, Jack or the Submission, and Amédée, or How to Get Rid of It to mention a few. Absolutely amazing.

Interestingly enough now I stopped seeing the absurd in his plays, but more Continue Reading →

CUIL, as in cool :), is the next Google

Finally! When I was beginning to think and fear, for that matter ;) , that Google will be the mastermind of all information around the globe, here comes a google-competitor., pronounced cool ;) , is a search engine that not only provides results faster than google, but organizes information upon relevancy. God, that is refreshing! Continue Reading →

15 minutes till innocence

This experiment has a very unusual result, I filmed the whole moment in one move using b/w grain contrast. The movie in itself is powerful, but when I experimented with multiplications, I discovered that all of a sudden, the entire perspective has changed. I love the sliding cars and way light changes shapes.
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Laws of physics and beloved spinning particles…

To me, the most obvious sign that God exists is the fact that all this immense universe is obeying the same laws. Over and over again. I mean, a physics law is something that only has meaning in a mind. Otherwise it is just plain jabberish, yet all planets, all single objects (that do not possess a mind to understand the law) respect the same laws to an infinite manner. So there must be a Continue Reading →

John Maeda is now in the RISD Team

Actually, not just in the RISD team, but leading the Rhode Island School of Design. Even though I never was to MIT, all those years of constantly following his work with the Media Arts and Sciences Department leave me now with a feeling of nostalgia… cute! what can digital information do to a very sane person :)

I hope, and I know, his work will continue to be inspirational and I sure hope one day I get to meet the idea generator man in person.

Time shopping

some people get bankrupt by insane shopping experiences. I don’t like to shop till I drop :) … but I recently discovered that I do something that is veery close to doing the same thing :)

Whenever someone asks me for some help (paid or not) I’m always there with a big YES … well… when I only did 2 universities at a time and had a boyfriend and a job .. at that time, it was not criminal. but right now…

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Art Biennal in Sydney

One of the venues in Biennale of Sydney is Revolution online a postmodern collection of artworks from 1920s Dada… to this year’s interactive work. Check it out!

Ars Electronica and a new cultural economy

I’ve got mail! not e-mail, dearest beloved, but regular mail. From whom? Ars Electronica. Continue Reading →

10 years of YMessenger and friends

I don’t know about you, but I have Ymess since 1998. So that makes approximately 10 years … OMG, until I wrote these words, I did not even realize so much time passed by …

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Kinesthetic researches

NLP made me perceive the world with all senses opened and better prepared for the large amount of info I have to process. And to process wisely, I might add.

The next three days I’ll be again on a training session for NLP, I can’t wait to work on the new techniques. The very first sign that is obvious for me after taking those NLP trainings is the awareness I have for the sensorial perceptions in other people intends and forms of expression. Continue Reading →

El Camino del Rey

Haven’t got the time to write my ideas lately, but could not help to share this incredible movie. Continue Reading →

A good short movie I’ve seen lately

Argent Content, Philippe Dussol’s interesting piece. Great work guys! Continue Reading →

200 things to be proud, or not, of doing

It’s a nice list of things I’ve found on Alina’s blog couple of weekes ago. Got a little time now, so here it is my list. The bold ones are already done, the italic ones are next in line…

01) Bought everyone in the pub a drink
02) Swam with wild dolphins
03) Climbed a mountain Continue Reading →

Announce your intent II

I’ve chatted with a friend of mine about this (and also bragged to him that my blog is now linked by cnn on the article of cybercrime Victory!) and he gave my an interesting thought. The calls may be also categorized as of urgent, normal and low importance.

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Cybercrime, watch-out!

Heroe saves the world

Word goes that cyber crime experts from around the world will meet in Brussels this week to discuss how governments should counter attacks aimed at crippling the Internet and hitting users with data loss, identity theft and fraud.

“The European Union’s anti-terrorism has voiced concerns about cyber attacks and said the block was working on new laws addressing the increasingly common phenomenon” CNN comments.

While in Bucharest, the NATO summit beginning this Wednesday will also address the same issue.

Cool! :)

Image (c)

Announce your intent!

Suppose I need to give you a phone call. But we have a very complex relationship – like we are friends, and we also go to the same 7 month training, and we work in the same business for competitors and, in particular, we try to build a project together. So when I call you, you couldn’t tell if it is a private problem, something about the courses we do, or about the project we work on. Maybe I just want to chat with you about the movie I just saw, or it is about important business. Continue Reading →

Facebook goes tough :)

Well, after announcing the instant messaging service for Facebook users a few days ago, now this worldwide community website makes a new move on globalizing its messages into all possible languages on Earth by involving its users into translating the interface …

Aren’t we transforming ourselves into a folklore society … where everything has no particular author, just vast groups of people making the final message in a process of collective work? Yes, I think a new middle ages awaits us … Continue Reading →

Who is the dick on your site?

Identity once again on my blog and at the O’Reilly ETech 2008 conference in San Diego. Dick Hardt, Founder & CEO at Sxip Identity gave a talk on personal identity in online medium for the Web 2.0.

Take a few minutes to see his brilliant presentation: Continue Reading →

Brightest minds in online technology

ETech conference took place in Sun Diego three days (3 – 6 March). Hot topics and brightest brains in the online business gathered to discuss and brainstorm on emerging technologies. Continue Reading →

Free versus cheap in business

Here is Chris Anderson, Wired’s Editor in Chief, in a video about businesses and services becoming free over the internet. I do agree, things become free for the user, but they will most definitely stay payable for the entrepreneur. I mean, yeah, Google gives free services for the end-user… but google advertisement is paid by the ones that want to be advertised. Continue Reading →

Life Cycle of Blog Posts, Wired article

Browse an interesting presentation about how spiders and servers and business people relate to your blog from the moment you posted a new entry.

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BBC beta finally live

As I’ve said earlier in my posts, this page will make history. Pretty soon we’ll experience new ways of interaction with mass-media. The name will change as well :) .

bbc new layout

Tomorrow, here I come!

Today it marks the end of a long relationship. It’s been five years, one master’s degree, two love stories, two business awards, three art exhibitions, five locations, four teams I’ve worked with, two management styles, 5 bright minds I am glad I’ve met and made my friends.

It was one hell of a job :) , but now it’s my time to move on.

And I love my future.

P.S. Remember the time?

I am President of the Internet – Surveillance Society IV

I was talking to a friend today about web crawlers and he told me that when google was indexing the server, all employees at his former work place were looking anxiously to huge raise in sales Ka-ching.

Everyone receives Google these days with lots and lots of love, but will there be a time, when things will be the other way around? When one or some very powerful spiders may be regarded as the sentinels in the Matrix? Is China in this situation already? Continue Reading →

European Union on privacy laws

I am goood! I am sooo goooood!

While I was having these thoughts on privacy matters (the last 4 posts on surveillance society), Europe was having a two day meeting for setting compulsory changes search engines need to apply in order to reach a normal standard of privacy :)

Read International Herald Tribune article on this matter.

Online, yet incognito – Surveillance Society III

Talking to some friends today about this issue, it hit me that there is a potential need for online “swiss banking accounts” for online processed personal data. You place the sensitive information in the black box, and the end-program that needs authentication takes from there the cryptic info, not the real data (real person identification).

Second life is about a virtual world. How about inventing a virtual Switzerland?

Surveillance Society II

the saga continues :)

What do you think is the first thing I do when entering my blog’s admin panel? The very first thing is to go to the counterize section to see what IP’s have visited me, who is online now and what pages were most visited today… of course, I also get all sorts of statistics from google analytics. Continue Reading →

Surveillance society I

First of all, I have to say that I do not believe in the conspiracy theory. Anyone who has read Eco’s “Foucault’s Pendulum”, knows why.

Now this being said, today I will share my thoughts on the limitations of privacy policies through internet.

We all know what spam is, right? Someone has stolen your e-mail address (or you have given it to a certain company that Continue Reading →

Isn’t it true? Why did it take me so long to figure it out?

Today I have learnt one very good lesson in life: if I happen to have an insight on my own near future, and I don’t like what I see, than… instead of accepting the despair :) , I can actually change my future!

It didn’t occur to me to this day that this is why we all have insights :) so that we can actually do something with them… doh!

Of course I applied this rule on various times in my personal history, but I rarely used it in very important decision I took. I usually made major decisions by accommodating myself to the environment, never by trying to abruptly change the environment. If I eventually changed it, it was after a very long while, and by almost invisible steps… Today I learnt that I don’t need to wait for so long to make a change for myself.

illustration by EBEN

Bubble trouble puzzle

How do you make both bubbles be in the middle part? :) for £24.99 you get a chance to try it out! More games here. The graphics are neat as well. Nice puzzle

Acadian photos of the 70’s

Browsing for war photo archives, I came upon this website that features a list of copyright free photos. Take a look. Photograph John F. Phillips

Stephen Hawking’s TV show to start in March

Hurraaaaaaaaaaaay :) !!!!

Stephen Hawking will host his own TV show on Channel 4 about how the universe works. Well, more precisely, it will be about how different physicists believe or predict it works :D … Looking forward to finding the show on some torrent …

Food for the eye

We’ve all eaten goodies by now, and partied a lot :D …. now it’s time for the eye to indulge.

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Glove, where art thou?

Here’s a very cute idea on how to track your long-lost glove… well, this site would have been very useful to me like ten years ago when I had a long series of lost gloves… now I learnt to track them with global positioning system .. lol :D

The universe is a pond

I have read today one of the most impressive article on universe and physics. I don’t recall having such a great intuition over the theory of everything and the superstrings as the one today. It’s really impressive to have such an all-of-a-sudden crisp-clear understanding… by just using a metaphor.

I would say that definitely black holes are ripples of the outer dimensions, but for light and gravity I would have to think through…

And another beautiful short movie

The shortest dream – a film about a brief moment in time when things unveil. Everyone is a victim, and everyone is a prosecutor. Life is dense and beautiful. Continue Reading →

Something funny, something blue

An animation that made me laugh, the honest and childish laugh I have missed these days …

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CNN enters virtual world

CNN has decided to open an I-Report hub in Second Life, encouraging residents of Second Life to share their own “SL I-Reports” about events occurring within the virtual world.

This I-Report hub includes a news desk where CNN producers will hold weekly editorial discussions, and an amphitheater for larger in-world events, such as training sessions and appearances by CNN anchors and correspondents.

CNN’s first in-world training session will be held Tuesday, November 13, at 5 p.m. ET at the I-Report Hub , that is, if I’m guessing correctly, on the 14th around 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

A new subatomic particle has born :)

Not everyday we live to have this type of news. Japanese researchers at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Tsukuba, Japan, the “Belle collaboration”, recently announced the discovery of an exotic new sub-atomic particle with non-zero electric charge. This particle Continue Reading →