Robots at play

Posted on August 18, 2007

An interesting event happening in Danmark, at Odense – Robots at play from 23 to 25 August.

The lawn mower that mows the lawn completely by itself. The therapeutic robotic teddy bear “Huggable”. The toy robot that provokes children to move around. Or the robot that very precisely selects the blood veins best suited for blood testing.

Many of the robotic systems that we think belong to the future have already been realized and can be seen during the Robot Festival in Odense where many fascinating robots will be on display. Both the entertaining ones and the hard-working ones. And from many countries. The overall aim of the festival is to spread knowledge about robotics and we look forward to seeing you at this inspiring and fascinating festival where you can enjoy events like robot construction, film presentations, play, learning, a stage show, a conference and a debate on ethics.

Come and join in – and give way to your fascination with robots.

If anyone should attend please leave a comment.
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