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Posted on August 19, 2007

Daniel Lee is a guy that inspired me a while ago. I am very interested in color processing on digital images, and even though my work is not related to DTP and print, I almost always correct images I have to use on different multimedia presentations so that they have the proper color ratio.

I can say I’m almost obsessed with that. I don’t like cyan in my reds and yellows, nor magenta in my greens :D that’s me…. color addict, what can I say?!

So at some point, working so much on portrait photos adjusting faces … I thought why not reinterpret myself? The result is somewhat strange… I can see it’s still me, but blue-eyed? blonde? It’s soooo weird…

I’ve known about Lee’s work especially the one commissioned for Ars Electronica 2005… but looking on some other of his interpretations on portraits …. true art interpretation, the feeling is more acute … strange indeed.

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