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Life and death art question :D

Posted on August 21, 2007

Last night I had to do some order in my lost lost lost pile of art sketches and courses from university. The “unimportant ones” as the important ones are very well classified :) .

Point is, I’ve come to a serious dilemma. What does someone do with sketches and papers only half drawn or disaster works :D , most of them done in highschool and university? I mean, I know they are just sketches or derailed :) works, but, some of them can be rescued, plus it’s my own mind and hand there.

On one hand it’s a lot of paper that takes A LOT of space and who knows who will ever take them into consideration (let’s hope I’ll turn out to be the new millennium genius ;) and those horrible sketches will be regarded as pure gold) on the other hand, how can someone throw away these?

My question to you is: Is an art sketch equal to a simple paper where you make some notes and when you do the final work, they are to be thrown away?

What do you do with works like these?

Later edit: I’d have to admit they look sooo much better on-screen than in real life…. Now that might mean that either I underestimate them a little, or photography compliments art …. hmm, still have my dilemma …

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