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Short & Fast film festival in Scotland

Posted on August 21, 2007

This is an interesting festival, too bad I’ve just found about it today, as the deadline is only a few days away – August 25th. This thursday…. maybe short enough, but I also have to be fast enough :) to submit a significant work.

Popping Pixels 2006 Icarus Asbjorn Olaf Olsen That’s one of the last year’s entries. I’d like to see the final exhibits, as the concept is quite challenging.

“THIS YEAR’S THEME: SHORT & FAST. Short and fast digital animations / films / works. We are looking for work that is small in file size and quick in linear time. The exhibits will be held at various airfields in the northern Orkney Isles, home of the “The Worlds Shortest Scheduled Flight”. ACCEPTED FORMAT: .MOV Maximum file size: 5MB Maximum Length: 2 MINUTES. NOTE: If you have full frame-work of appropriate duration that will not compress to less than 5MB, we suggest you reduce your frame size to 480 x 360 pixels or at a minimum 320 x 240 pixels. MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS ENCOURAGED.

ABOUT PIXEL POPS!: PixelPops!, now in its 3rd year, is an ongoing, traveling series of annual digital art exhibits, each with its own theme and each curated in a new location by a new individual. The series is wildly organic in the sense that it changes with each year’s new locale and the creativity that each new curator brings to it. Year after year the online catalogue continues to grow and provide new resonances and global connections in artistic interpretation. PixelPops! was founded by and is set in motion each year (from afar) by Colleen Tully. Previous guest curators have been Cynthia Beth Rubin (New Haven, 2005), Natalia Vasquez, Joan Sanchez, Michal Blazek (Prague, 2006). This year’s curator/organiser is Robb Mitchell”

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