One very good website

Don’t know if you’re familiar with the John Maeda’s laws of simplicity, but is sooooo illustrating these laws.


Takashi Murakami

Good campaign for the conspicuous consumption that Louis Vuitton represents ;) …. Perfect illustration for feeling disoriented in the real “unbranded” life …

Interesting that Takashi Murakami was commissioned for this campaign. The so-called new Andy Warhol of the last decade has made a good point for the Vuitton brand.

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Panorama festival Karlsruhe

Panorama festival in Karlsruhe starts on Saturday and is for the next 6 months. A lot of interesting experiments are to be seen there. You might be fooled that it is a simple display of photographic panoramas collections, but you would be soo wrong: The festival gathers interactive artists that make use of panoramas display in their work Continue Reading →

One new graphics environment – E15

Four grad researchers Kyle Buza, Luis Blackaller, Takashi Okamoto, and Kate Hollenbach from MIT have presented at FlashForward conference, a new graphics environment called E15. As Maeda says on his blog, E15 attempts to bring together the best of the power intrinsic to the Web, full-performance graphics processing, and a fully interpreted environment with dynamic class loading.

There’s a video on this site, looks amazing if I am imagining the right things. Anybody knows more about this E15 or has some more documentation on it?

Post doctoral opportunity in multimedia

for those of you who already have a phd in information systems, computing or maths, this job might be of great interest :)

deadline October 4th.

This is an exciting opportunity to join the Multimedia Group as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the EPSRC MC² (MPEG-7 Content Modelling Communities) project. MC² aims to develop a software platform for enabling user communities, such as those found on YouTube, Flickr, and Wikipedia, to create multimedia metadata collaboratively. The successful applicant will work with Dr Harry Agius (the Principal Investigator), Professor Marios Angelides (the Co-Investigator) and Cambridge Imaging Systems (the project partner).

Applicants must hold a PhD in a relevant discipline, have experience with software development and research methods, and be competent with XML (prior experience with MPEG-7 is not necessary since it is XML based). Good research writing and oral presentation skills are also expected.

Situated in Brunel University’s leafy suburban campus in west London, the School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics is made up of over 100 academic staff and was awarded a 5 in the last RAE for the ‘international standing’ of its research, making it an advantageous environment for researchers.”

Full description here

All of Linz

Ars Electronica launched a land art project. Linz designed its spaces for messages for above. Meaning … the sky :)

Soft Cinema

A project from 2002 of the same Lev Manovich, with a daring(for its time) approach on browsing video content. Tagging visual information such as: contrast, automated velocity computing, while having means to navigate through a vast database of videos and audio files enables the spectator to choose themes and switch perspectives while enjoying this new type of eclectic cinema movie.

I am not actually convinced by this project, now seeing it at over 4 years distance, even though the idea has seen implementation – google video e.g. has done something relevant in this regard. The idea is truly valuable as the amount of video content exceeds at this point the possibility of indexing it in a normal fashion, but the visuals for the project are not that impressive.

Lev Manovich at Ars Electronica

A couple of days ago at Ars Electronica took place a super interesting conference of Lev Manovich on the theme of “The Infinite Expansion”

An extras from the AEC website: “Lev Manovich will present a brief cultural history of how a computer was gradually turned into a machine for media simulation and new media invention between early 1960s and late 1970s (Sutherland, Nelson, Engelbart, Kay, Negroponte, and others). He will argue that today we are dealing with unforeseen result of this transformation: that is, the constant invention of new media by designers, programmers, computer scientists, and artists has replaced creation of content. Thus, media is finally indeed became the message. More precisely: constantly changing and expanding media possibilities became more culturally important than content.”

I wish I was there…. eeeh :)

Lev Manovich, Negroponte and Meyrowitz were my influences a couple of years ago. Little by little I rediscover the people behind the books and the way they evolve in time. Some people just manage to stay agile and alert.

Video lectures

One of the ideas I thought it would be good to develop (not that I’ve taken the time or the money to do it … oooh, hate myself in this kind of moments) is the one of online video conference portal.

This video portal is one very interesting website to look for in the following months. I think it has the spark that might turn itself into a great project.

Would you research such a site in order to learn for school or work related stuff?

iPod’s touch-screen

As if I sensed something in the dusty air of Bucharest :) , more precisely of Apple’s update of iPod’s screen with the one of the most praised iPhone ;;) … I just bought myself a little and very precious sidebed lamp for late at night novels and art/psychology/computer reading.

The one and only Vico Magistretti‘s 1965 revival of white DALU lamp ….

Great design asks for great design in return , or so they say :)

Damien Hirst skull sells for 100 million dollars

The work, entitled “For the Love of God,” is a skull cast in platinum and encrusted with 8,601 diamonds. Carbon dating has shown that the original skull on which Hirst’s work is modelled dates to the 18th century.

hmm.. that’s interesting. I’ve seen in Oslo Hirst’s famous works of the cut in half cow … didn’t know about him at that time, and the work just struck me with all its raised questions: what is art, what can we use as art material, what is life, what is the difference between eating a cow and exhibiting it… and how is it to be into a cow’s body …

He is the type of artist that will challenge vision and not craftsmanship, and has done it with such great power.

What is your take on such an art display?

Uncle Sam

As a curiosity, did you know the image of Uncle Sam has its 194th birthday today :) ?
Happy birthday!