Panorama festival Karlsruhe

Posted on September 26, 2007

Panorama festival in Karlsruhe starts on Saturday and is for the next 6 months. A lot of interesting experiments are to be seen there. You might be fooled that it is a simple display of photographic panoramas collections, but you would be soo wrong: The festival gathers interactive artists that make use of panoramas display in their work.

The Wooster Group come with an interesting experiment on an interactive 360 degrees war film. Now how about that? How about choosing your own point of view, and not the director’s?Other artists, such as Bernd Lintermann and Joachim Böttger with Globorama 2005 explore original visualization of the Earth.

Interactivity is the key.. I want to go there. Program here… take a look.

How would you feel about a movie that lets you control not the plot, but the place you observe the action… You could listen to the two main characters ;) or just slip away on the corridor and see what is happening in the garden… Do you think this shift in visualizing the film is possible in the next 5 years?

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