Seduced Art & Sex from Antiquity to Now

Jeff Koons, Ilona on Top (Rosa background), 1990. Private collection, courtesy Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin

While in London, until the 27th of January 2008, go and visit the Barbican Art Gallery with this most amazing art exhibition. Erotic art and erotism is everywhere and in any art form, in any age.

Jeff Koons with his Made in Heaven series is hardly my preferred artist, but I have chosen him to illustrate my post as he seems to me the most vulgar in expression. I guess sexuality was the same always, and continues to be the same in the years to come, yet seeing kitsch mixed with sex, a thin line from art to porn, seems to be the key to this exhibition.

Get seduced!

thanks to Eamonn Fitzgerald’s Rainy Day blog entry

Rotten neighbors exposed!

On this site, you can tell every little nasty thing about your neighbors… and of course, you still have the advantage of anonymity. That’s nice. Bucharest isn’t yet covered, but trust me, once the word is spread, it will be full of red houses … Continue Reading →

Frame by frame animation

For today, a good animation for a Tom Waits song… Continue Reading →

Baagz invitation to join

So, as we’ve seen earlier this month, I have been baaged ;;) Today I’ve received the invitation to join and have a look at this tool.

Well, I like it Yahoo emoticon. So far it is in the beta version, so I expect many improvements and tools to be developed until the final release. I like the fact that it is all modular and interactivity is taken to its extreme. I checked the source, it’s all JavaScript or so it seems… niiice job, guys.

Can hardly wait to see the release. I would add a more sense of the community, right now it’s a little hard to see what is happening in the community, unless you type search terms and find other people’s baagz.

Way to go! Nice job!

From NLP back to robots

I’ve been three days away from the computer, and i already miss my usual habit for digging up stuff. This weekend I’ve been in a training on a self-concept course.
Using NLP techniques, the training was focused on personal growth. We’ve worked on making good qualities even better, ambiguous ones less ambiguous and the bad ones juuuust a little good :) and on adding more qualities where there were none.

Not very easy, I can tell you that, especially with the bad and ambiguous ones. Yet, the change is very powerful, as changing the representational system, one can really change ways of communicating thoughts and ideas and seeing the reality clearer.

In fact, the map is not the territory, and I have to agree with NLP on that.

Interaction means communication, if communication is limited, the interaction is as such … communication means a certain protocol as well… so where the protocol is ambiguous, the communication is the same … that’s the nlp stand point, and after the training this weekend I completely agree. The toughest part is the communication with yourself. how can I be sure that I am doing what I like, if I am not sure for what exactly do I like.

So on this course I’ve worked on three qualities, I let you decide which one is bad, good and nonexistent in me :) – analytical approach to life, intuition and empathy.

NLP weekend

As Wired blog says here, the robots used in military actions sometimes do terrible mistakes and seem to have a life of their own.

Love matrix :)

Love this geeky love statement. Xkcd takes a very geeky approach to comics, my guess the author is someone with lots of wits and immune to talented drawing :) plus … happy thoughts.

Anybody remember the Karnaugh map ? Nice 2nd year semester, good times, I remember the main idea of the theory, still… rather vaguely :) … And who would have thought to find this theory in a Valentine card :) ?

I’m kinda geeky sometimes myself, but then again I always try to come back to the normal state… and I’m always happy to see there are others that go far beyond :)

Another one …. soooo good!

Machinima festival 2007

The first European Machinima Festival took place this weekend in Leicester, UK.

Not very sure what you know about this form of animation films, I encountered the term machinima in 2005 at Linz Ars Electronica where there was a full seminar on this subject alone. Machinima, pronounced ma-shin-i-ma means making movies using video games, the word being an amalgamation of machine and cinema and it is a fusion of film-making and gaming. Continue Reading →

Baag me, baby!!

Developed by team, [currently in its beta form] aims to become a new form of social networking. Sharing multiple forms of content, not just a mere profile of oneself is the target for the baagz team.

Short dictionary – extract from the baagz brochure

baagz is the name of the service
a baag (plural baagz) is a shared interest
baagboyz and baaggirlz is what you expect, and they are all baagerz
to baag an information is to put the information into a baag
let’s bag it! is what a user say when finding a cool site

I am waiting to be accepted as a user (so far registration is only by means of invitation, so I have to wait for now) and dive into this new social networking ubercool site Yahoo emoticon dreaming

Second Life, again

Just seen on Euronews a documentary on Second Life and its legal issues. Apparently, there are some lawsuits regarding the ownership of land and property in Second Life.

In May 2006, Marc Bragg has filed suit against Linden Lab for “a virtual land deal gone sour.” According to the press-release issued by Bragg, “The suit seeks financial damages in the thousands, in part for a breach of a virtual land auction contract and for violation of the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law. This suit is unique because the land doesn’t actually exist.” Technically, the land does exist – both as data, and as a user experience – but not as terra firma and he argues that when you mention the term “own” by no means can it be made to signify “licensed” or “rent”.

Property is an interesting concept if we relate it to virtuality. ownership is by no means related to physicality, that’s something we all agree (copyright on an idea is one very good example) and exchange is what gives value to the owned property.

I’ve tried Second Life just today :) and it seems addictive, but honestly, I would not spend a dollar on things that are a simulacrum of reality. I would most definitely spend money on new inventions, objects, be they as weird as they might be… It’s a brilliant idea for the Linden Lab, I cannot argue, but my take on this is a no.

And then again, in love and science, never say never Yahoo Emoticon

Freedom for a few days

Not sure if I told you earlier, but I have enrolled in a NLP practitioner program. Have done 2 training sessions so far, 5 more to go.

I highly recommend! For business people, for creatives, for communication job-oriented seekers. The techniques you experience there really changes paradigms.

Here is another program I’d like to participate in. It’s on writing, and I am quite interested in becoming a good communicator in writing. I usually write by telling stories in an interior dialogue style
step 1. let me tell you a story
step 2. I thought of this story because this and that
step 3. Why is this story so powerful
step 4. the story
step 5. how other people who I told over the years, have received this story

this is a very analytic type of story telling. It works wonders with some people, but with others I just lose them because they tend to want to hear everything in just phrase, if possible.

I’d like to be more, but I’m not sure I will have the chance, due to the fact that I just changed jobs :D .

Universal avatars from IBM and Linden Lab

The success of Second life (haven’t tried it yet – Ruxi, you should be ashamed of yourself) has taken industry leaders into creating avatars that can access all virtual worlds and use universal tools. Yesterday and today at Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo the top of this industry discuss the future of media and communication.

The challenge IBM and Linden Lab has put themselves to is Continue Reading →

.asia domains launched

Apparently Asia followed up Europe so that, for the moment, governments and companies can register interest in specific domain names, such as while the general public will get a chance to snap up their own .asia domain when the land rush starts in February 2008.

Can’t wait to get my domain. :)

or Laugh emoticon

coComment – or how to follow user comments

Take a look at this Swiss tool for keeping track of user comments on different collaborative tools such as blogs, flickr, digg etc. ->

“coComment keeps track of all the online conversations you’re following in one convenient place, and informs you Continue Reading →

You can never be too thin…

… and sometimes you might even get a Nobel prize for it.

Fathers of mp3 industry, France’s Albert Fert and German Peter Gruenberg win the Nobel prize in physics for independently discovering a physical effect in 1988 which has led to Continue Reading →

Muriel Cooper – brilliant mind of the on-screen design

I’ve just read the article on Muriel Cooper and have discovered a great mind. Never knew where the MIT logo came from and that it was her idea.

She was one of the visionaries that foreseen design as interactive and driven by simplicity. In the 60s when technology was only in its infancy, people tended to see it as a big monster capable of changing social realities but inflexible.

Cooper has reinforced the idea that on-screen design can be better than just linecodes :) …. Almost 40 years after we’ve come to Microsoft surface and Apple’s iPhone. Muriel Cooper sure was right!

UK Zoo Art Fair, October 12-15th

Royal Academy of Arts presents its Zoo Art Fair…. Interesting name…

Zoo Art fair says they target new talents, so maybe new talents are like wild animals. Now that lives me with two thoughts: either new talents need to be caged in order to be properly seen :) or they are on the verge of extinction ;) so that they need to be preserved in a zoo.

“Google Art, or How to Hack Google” online exhibition

Rhizome curates an online exhibition of projects that refer to Google way of life :) .

“The selection of projects in Google Art, or How to Hack Google illuminate and critique the influence of this expanding online institution. The projects include ad hacks that attempt to foil Google’s seemingly unstoppable business machinery, playful re-interpretations of search results and alterations of its geographical worldview. Together, they elevate and critique Google’s logic, while recognizing its own deepening relationship with our culture, behavior and lives.”

Curated by Ana Otero for Rhizome.

I liked the simplicity (Maeda, again) of the concept for the GoogleHouses project. It is a website that searches houses images on google by different keywords (you can build interior image collections – bedrooms, bathrooms etc) and exhibits them in a 3D model of walls and interiors.

Japanese ministry workers fired for updating Wikipedia at work

heheeee… now that’s an example for collaborative society. Japanese state employees working for the greater good of humanity, namely uploading information on the wikipedia. Information that is relevant and vital … for the Gundam animated series :)

The entire BBC news goes here.


“MuRata Seisaku Kun” bicycle-robot

Such a nice robot, reminds me of when I was working on a project of artificial intelligence… pattern recognition (first project in university) and I thought that determining an object by its contour was such a simple thing …. yeeaaah right! discovered only a few hours later that humans are quite marvelous beings … and the most simple things we do, take such vast computation in computer realm .. Continue Reading →

Yahoo protection rules!

How about that for protection!!!!

Love you guys! Please cut the crap and get me my account back, there’s noone to be protected from, except some nice friends of mine that have a nice server that sends the same 5MB tiff file over and over again. Pleeeeaseee let me send e-mails… it’s times like now when I realize how internet addicted I am…

Niiice! Don’t you think?