“MuRata Seisaku Kun” bicycle-robot

Posted on October 2, 2007

Such a nice robot, reminds me of when I was working on a project of artificial intelligence… pattern recognition (first project in university) and I thought that determining an object by its contour was such a simple thing …. yeeaaah right! discovered only a few hours later that humans are quite marvelous beings … and the most simple things we do, take such vast computation in computer realm ..

I remember before actually starting to work on this assignment (its purpose was to learn the neural network the alphabet and then test the neural network what it has actually learned.. kinda like how we were taught the alphabet in the first grade, remember? ) Anyways, my imagination started to go places and I thought what is the big deal about recognizing letters … such simple shapes … we can always recognize cars for instance … and concepts come from bringing the learned shapes seen the most to conscience, or at least that was what I was thinking….

Well, I was sooo good in theory (I might have been a very good psychologist) but when finding ways to implement it …. the tough part came. And that’s when I realized that for an artificial being just to come to the concept of a car is not a simple matter of seeing many car shapes, you must have the concept of velocity, of objects that can move, but are artificial, not nature based … and this simple thing such as what is natural and what is made by humans is sooooo hard to even consider not to mention to encode.

When I read the critics about this robot at first I joined the amusement “Even if this cyclist goes at the speed of a snail under sedatives, it is quite amazing to watch it ….”

Guys… just the fact that it can control its moves through a rough path, it’s mooore than enough… not to mention it is soooo cute! Way to go, MuRata!

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