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Muriel Cooper – brilliant mind of the on-screen design

Posted on October 8, 2007

I’ve just read the article on Muriel Cooper and have discovered a great mind. Never knew where the MIT logo came from and that it was her idea.

She was one of the visionaries that foreseen design as interactive and driven by simplicity. In the 60s when technology was only in its infancy, people tended to see it as a big monster capable of changing social realities but inflexible.

Cooper has reinforced the idea that on-screen design can be better than just linecodes :) …. Almost 40 years after we’ve come to Microsoft surface and Apple’s iPhone. Muriel Cooper sure was right!

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  1. Doru October 8, 2007 at 9:20 am


    The Microsoft Surface concept is a relatively old one. Despite the general ideea, Bill Gates is a visionary regarding this concept.
    Based on this concept, his house is entirely controlled by a computer which “knows” every house inhabitant’s prefferences.
    The concept is visual one. Behind the user-friendly interface there is an engine that controlls all the moves, cuts and copies. And, of course, it’s Windows-based. :) )) (Bad move!!!)
    The Apple concept, as it is, is also an user-friendly interface. The Apple’s iPhone uses it by dragging and dropping contacts into memory or inside an e-mail message.
    In my opinion there will be a mixture between both technologies in the near future.

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