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Machinima festival 2007

Posted on October 15, 2007

The first European Machinima Festival took place this weekend in Leicester, UK.

Not very sure what you know about this form of animation films, I encountered the term machinima in 2005 at Linz Ars Electronica where there was a full seminar on this subject alone. Machinima, pronounced ma-shin-i-ma means making movies using video games, the word being an amalgamation of machine and cinema and it is a fusion of film-making and gaming.

Although its history goes back on 1996, for me it was like discovering that someone invented the wheel. The idea behind these animated films is so simple, yet it brings such a shift in perception. Until finding out what machinima means, I thought animation and films can only be made by a script and by animating scene by scene all using the design of an illustrator/animator. Yet, it had never occurred to me that entire scenes from video games can be captured and rendered as a film of its own with a true script.

My favourite is still the “red vs blue” series, by roster teeth. The first episode is a true classic.

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