The universe is a pond

I have read today one of the most impressive article on universe and physics. I don’t recall having such a great intuition over the theory of everything and the superstrings as the one today. It’s really impressive to have such an all-of-a-sudden crisp-clear understanding… by just using a metaphor.

I would say that definitely black holes are ripples of the outer dimensions, but for light and gravity I would have to think through…

And another beautiful short movie

The shortest dream – a film about a brief moment in time when things unveil. Everyone is a victim, and everyone is a prosecutor. Life is dense and beautiful. Continue Reading →

Something funny, something blue

An animation that made me laugh, the honest and childish laugh I have missed these days …

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CNN enters virtual world

CNN has decided to open an I-Report hub in Second Life, encouraging residents of Second Life to share their own “SL I-Reports” about events occurring within the virtual world.

This I-Report hub includes a news desk where CNN producers will hold weekly editorial discussions, and an amphitheater for larger in-world events, such as training sessions and appearances by CNN anchors and correspondents.

CNN’s first in-world training session will be held Tuesday, November 13, at 5 p.m. ET at the I-Report Hub , that is, if I’m guessing correctly, on the 14th around 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

A new subatomic particle has born :)

Not everyday we live to have this type of news. Japanese researchers at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Tsukuba, Japan, the “Belle collaboration”, recently announced the discovery of an exotic new sub-atomic particle with non-zero electric charge. This particle Continue Reading →

Left Brain vs Right Brain

Now that’s a tricky one. How do you see the dancer turning – clockwise or counter-clockwise? Continue Reading →

O My, my shoes got painted!

Ndeur offers for sale a new breed of shoes! Your own…. but painted. So, if you want to get a new look to your simple monotonous pair, just send them to this guy and he will have them upgraded :)