Bubble trouble puzzle

How do you make both bubbles be in the middle part? :) for £24.99 you get a chance to try it out! More games here. The graphics are neat as well. Nice puzzle

Acadian photos of the 70’s

Browsing for war photo archives, I came upon this website that features a list of copyright free photos. Take a look. Photograph John F. Phillips

Stephen Hawking’s TV show to start in March

Hurraaaaaaaaaaaay :) !!!!

Stephen Hawking will host his own TV show on Channel 4 about how the universe works. Well, more precisely, it will be about how different physicists believe or predict it works :D … Looking forward to finding the show on some torrent …

Food for the eye

We’ve all eaten goodies by now, and partied a lot :D …. now it’s time for the eye to indulge.

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