Life Cycle of Blog Posts, Wired article

Browse an interesting presentation about how spiders and servers and business people relate to your blog from the moment you posted a new entry.

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BBC beta finally live

As I’ve said earlier in my posts, this page will make history. Pretty soon we’ll experience new ways of interaction with mass-media. The name will change as well :) .

bbc new layout

Tomorrow, here I come!

Today it marks the end of a long relationship. It’s been five years, one master’s degree, two love stories, two business awards, three art exhibitions, five locations, four teams I’ve worked with, two management styles, 5 bright minds I am glad I’ve met and made my friends.

It was one hell of a job :) , but now it’s my time to move on.

And I love my future.

P.S. Remember the time?

I am President of the Internet – Surveillance Society IV

I was talking to a friend today about web crawlers and he told me that when google was indexing the server, all employees at his former work place were looking anxiously to huge raise in sales Ka-ching.

Everyone receives Google these days with lots and lots of love, but will there be a time, when things will be the other way around? When one or some very powerful spiders may be regarded as the sentinels in the Matrix? Is China in this situation already? Continue Reading →

European Union on privacy laws

I am goood! I am sooo goooood!

While I was having these thoughts on privacy matters (the last 4 posts on surveillance society), Europe was having a two day meeting for setting compulsory changes search engines need to apply in order to reach a normal standard of privacy :)

Read International Herald Tribune article on this matter.

Online, yet incognito – Surveillance Society III

Talking to some friends today about this issue, it hit me that there is a potential need for online “swiss banking accounts” for online processed personal data. You place the sensitive information in the black box, and the end-program that needs authentication takes from there the cryptic info, not the real data (real person identification).

Second life is about a virtual world. How about inventing a virtual Switzerland?

Surveillance Society II

the saga continues :)

What do you think is the first thing I do when entering my blog’s admin panel? The very first thing is to go to the counterize section to see what IP’s have visited me, who is online now and what pages were most visited today… of course, I also get all sorts of statistics from google analytics. Continue Reading →

Surveillance society I

First of all, I have to say that I do not believe in the conspiracy theory. Anyone who has read Eco’s “Foucault’s Pendulum”, knows why.

Now this being said, today I will share my thoughts on the limitations of privacy policies through internet.

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Isn’t it true? Why did it take me so long to figure it out?

Today I have learnt one very good lesson in life: if I happen to have an insight on my own near future, and I don’t like what I see, than… instead of accepting the despair :) , I can actually change my future!

It didn’t occur to me to this day that this is why we all have insights :) so that we can actually do something with them… doh!

Of course I applied this rule on various times in my personal history, but I rarely used it in very important decision I took. I usually made major decisions by accommodating myself to the environment, never by trying to abruptly change the environment. If I eventually changed it, it was after a very long while, and by almost invisible steps… Today I learnt that I don’t need to wait for so long to make a change for myself.

illustration by EBEN