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I am President of the Internet – Surveillance Society IV

Posted on February 21, 2008

I was talking to a friend today about web crawlers and he told me that when google was indexing the server, all employees at his former work place were looking anxiously to huge raise in sales Ka-ching.

Everyone receives Google these days with lots and lots of love, but will there be a time, when things will be the other way around? When one or some very powerful spiders may be regarded as the sentinels in the Matrix? Is China in this situation already? I know that internet is being censored there, and I reckon censorship might me applied by means of active surveillance over published material on the internet within a certain geo area.

Internet is here for over 15 years now, right? What is 15 years to humankind history? Piece of cake! Will technology change so much in the next 100 years, let’s say, that webcrawlers will be able to obtain all information on the internet and process it in real-time as to give the opportunity for some worldwide organism to control certain aspects of worldwide economy and maybe freedom of speech (or, for that matter, who knows what other aspects)?

If this is the case, can the internet as a place (virtual, but nonetheless real) become another country? What I’m saying is this: I give my country (the government and its public offices) the right to know all sorts of information about me. They can make statistics, police can verify my address, I am listed with my taxes, every payment I make, every money I receive the state knows.

The very same thing is already taking place over the internet: everything you do is registered on different servers under many companies. If all information were to be corroborated about your moves, some governing organism would know literally everything: who you are and what you do on the internet.

So could the internet be the 246 state on this planet Earth? Someday? Will it be a democratic place or the only chance for it to emerge will be by economic / intelligence force?

Just a thought… Just a thought

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