Cybercrime, watch-out!

Heroe saves the world

Word goes that cyber crime experts from around the world will meet in Brussels this week to discuss how governments should counter attacks aimed at crippling the Internet and hitting users with data loss, identity theft and fraud.

“The European Union’s anti-terrorism has voiced concerns about cyber attacks and said the block was working on new laws addressing the increasingly common phenomenon” CNN comments.

While in Bucharest, the NATO summit beginning this Wednesday will also address the same issue.

Cool! :)

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Announce your intent!

Suppose I need to give you a phone call. But we have a very complex relationship – like we are friends, and we also go to the same 7 month training, and we work in the same business for competitors and, in particular, we try to build a project together. So when I call you, you couldn’t tell if it is a private problem, something about the courses we do, or about the project we work on. Maybe I just want to chat with you about the movie I just saw, or it is about important business. Continue Reading →

Facebook goes tough :)

Well, after announcing the instant messaging service for Facebook users a few days ago, now this worldwide community website makes a new move on globalizing its messages into all possible languages on Earth by involving its users into translating the interface …

Aren’t we transforming ourselves into a folklore society … where everything has no particular author, just vast groups of people making the final message in a process of collective work? Yes, I think a new middle ages awaits us … Continue Reading →

Who is the dick on your site?

Identity once again on my blog and at the O’Reilly ETech 2008 conference in San Diego. Dick Hardt, Founder & CEO at Sxip Identity gave a talk on personal identity in online medium for the Web 2.0.

Take a few minutes to see his brilliant presentation: Continue Reading →

Brightest minds in online technology

ETech conference took place in Sun Diego three days (3 – 6 March). Hot topics and brightest brains in the online business gathered to discuss and brainstorm on emerging technologies. Continue Reading →

Free versus cheap in business

Here is Chris Anderson, Wired’s Editor in Chief, in a video about businesses and services becoming free over the internet. I do agree, things become free for the user, but they will most definitely stay payable for the entrepreneur. I mean, yeah, Google gives free services for the end-user… but google advertisement is paid by the ones that want to be advertised. Continue Reading →