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Posted on March 29, 2008

Suppose I need to give you a phone call. But we have a very complex relationship – like we are friends, and we also go to the same 7 month training, and we work in the same business for competitors and, in particular, we try to build a project together. So when I call you, you couldn’t tell if it is a private problem, something about the courses we do, or about the project we work on. Maybe I just want to chat with you about the movie I just saw, or it is about important business.

And when I know you would not expect that my phone call would be about urgent business, it would be really nice that I could add a little something, like:

Ruxandra calling
about “X project”

or “this is about tomorrow training” or “about website down” so when you actually pick up the phone you would already know what is about, and in case you miss the phonecall, you would have a hint on what it was that I wanted to tell you about.

hihiiii :) … just crossed my mind that it might be extremely useful to have this feature on the mobile phones. Because if you are in an important meeting, and my call is for the tonight movie, you would know not to answer, but if it is about crisis :D ,the situation would change.

Not sure how you would like that, but for me would be immensely helpful in some situations when the phone is ringing like hell and I need some time to adjust from one problem to another as I answer consecutive phone-calls.

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