Kinesthetic researches

Posted on May 30, 2008

NLP made me perceive the world with all senses opened and better prepared for the large amount of info I have to process. And to process wisely, I might add.

The next three days I’ll be again on a training session for NLP, I can’t wait to work on the new techniques. The very first sign that is obvious for me after taking those NLP trainings is the awareness I have for the sensorial perceptions in other people intends and forms of expression.

For instance, this research here is purely kinesthetic. In fact, touching is one very important aspect of communication, yet very rarely used because of the all so many connotations …

So we may restrict ourselves to pets… or when we are allergic to them, or want to experiment more, to intelligent robots… the research in itself is very powerful and I expect very strong outcomes… but the idea to have an artificial pet just to touch it … it’s weird, right?

I have seen the Sony artificial dog, and I immediately fell in love with it… for me, it was no difference from a real dog to that little cute guy that would light some lights when experiencing joy :)

Feelings inside are activated by simple touch and series of events. The outside object may be just a toy or a living soul, artificial or not… it may not count as much to the inner reaction we experience.

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