ars electronica 2008 - a new cultural economy

Ars Electronica and a new cultural economy

Posted on June 22, 2008

I’ve got mail! not e-mail, dearest beloved, but regular mail. From whom? Ars Electronica.

Last year, Ars Electronica was about privacy, and how it is slowly but completely¬†disappearing¬†from our universe… This year the festival is about the new cultural economy and its new limits on intellectual property.

Internet and technology have made copyrighted information become inadequate. The cost of production gets lower and lower… things that used to cost a few years ago, are now plain free, but other businesses emerge, so the final user is not the one charged, but by his actions, he actually makes money for the business that gives him the free goods.

The commerce is nowadays a threesome :) .. it used to be a couple before that – you gave me something, I gave you the money for it. Today, you give me something, I spend some time on your website, advertisers get their commercials seen by me, you get paid by them heheee …

Curator – Joichi Ito

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