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Posted on July 2, 2008

some people get bankrupt by insane shopping experiences. I don’t like to shop till I drop :) … but I recently discovered that I do something that is veery close to doing the same thing :)

Whenever someone asks me for some help (paid or not) I’m always there with a big YES … well… when I only did 2 universities at a time and had a boyfriend and a job .. at that time, it was not criminal. but right now…

, I have one very demanding job, working on building a business, having personal life and working on the 4 short films series, NLPĀ training, coaching for my own career, coaching and helping others to grow professionally and personally :) … man, it’s crazy. STOP :) STOP I say .. I need a vacation :) ..mna .. it doesn’t seem to stop on command


oh, well …. back to spending time… right now I’m on intensive MSProj therapy that actually proved to be very very good in scheduling and reducing this enormous pile of work … thanks acquaintance for the good video on how to have the inbox clean. I’m working on that, also on how to know on the blink of an eye :) how many resources are available

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