Laws of physics and beloved spinning particles…

Posted on June 28, 2010

To me, the most obvious sign that God exists is the fact that all this immense universe is obeying the same laws. Over and over again. I mean, a physics law is something that only has meaning in a mind. Otherwise it is just plain jabberish, yet all planets, all single objects (that do not possess a mind to understand the law) respect the same laws to an infinite manner. So there must be a mind/intelligence other than ours, behind these laws.

For instance, let’s take the moon… If there were no intelligence behind the sollar system, at one point the Moon would just say: what is it with me that I keep on rotating close to this planet?!?!!? What am I crazy, let’s ditch this stupid law of gravitational attraction and see some other solar systems babyyyy :D (more precisely, some very disorganised solar systems, as the gravitational law would only work from time to time)

Or, imagine that everything that is in this world and universe, be it you or me, or the newspaper or the sun or an entire galaxy is made out of electrons and protons (actually here is the precise list of fundamental particles [ro]). All things, all of them… and still all electrons and protons and neutrons keep doing the same old rotation with such a regularity that you would think it’s a sisif kind a job. If I were an electron, to tell you the truth, I would’ve quitted my job a loooong-loooong time ago… hey, I’m a creative, cannot stand to do the same thing over and over again. Yet all matter in this universe continues to obey the physics laws. Even I (that have a mind and declare myself as creative) cannot fall off a cliff and go upwards, unless I have a system of propulsion that would also obey the physics laws.

hihiii …. imagine the spin particles :D saying … why bother spinning like crazy to have this flower bloom … I need a vacation man, I’m getting dizzy already :D

How do you see the immutability of these laws?

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