Love locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge

My 2010 list

Posted on January 1, 2011

following the last two year’s tradition, here is a list of things I did for the first time in my life, during 2010. Enjoy!

1) was a paranymph at my fiance’s doctoral defense at VU Amsterdam.
2) witnessed a full ceremony doctoral defense at Vrije Universiteit
3) was asked and got the ring on the Zeedijk bridge in Amsterdam
4) locked the love lock on the Hohenzollern bridge in Cologne¬†¬†5) got married in Bucharest’s Town Hall with all my dearest friends and family and had a great party afterwards
6) helped organised my fiance’s doctoral party and enjoyed the first official party in Amsterdam
7) got invited to an interview in Amsterdam
8) had my first Europe adventure when the volcano exploded :)
9) appeared on with my europe travel story :)
10) met Dr Calin Fabian Romanian ambassador in the Netherlands at Andrei’s doctoral defense
11) had my biggest so far extensive illustration animation job.
12) my team extended its reach from EMEA to Global.
13) created a new team in Guadalajara and met very interesting young designers there
14) had a personal business record of 186 email communications in one day with teams from around the world spanning across different timezones
15) fired the first team member from my people management team
16) accepted a new job offer in another city
17) had my first relocation to another city, and another country :)
18) got residence from another country
19) traveled to the Boston, United States
20) traveled to Stockholm, Sweden
21) traveled to London, UK
22) got our first neighbor party invitation
23) rented our first apartment with a rent of over 1000 euro/month
24) live on a small island 8 minutes close to the city centrum
25) visited Delft
26) were invited to the Romanian embassy in den Hague for the Romanian National Day party
27) traveled to Paris, France
28) got married in Church in Amsterdam in a Russian Orthodox church by a Dutch converted priest
29) had our friends and family fly over and enjoy the ceremony with us
30) bought our first real bed :)
31) had a lovely honeynight in a 4 star one-of-a-kind hotel on Keizergracht in Amsterdam
32) woke up to a lovely morning and left the hotel with the water taxi to our home
33) ran barefoot in the airport
34) had my first transatlantic flight
35) ran with Amir Kahn at 6:30 in the morning on a 5 miles track
36) ran 4 km on Sunday mornings with Andrei
37) discovered the marvel of Fallopian tubes :)
38) bought my first city fancy bike
39) had my first fall off the bike and sprinkle my left ankle
40) rented our first luxury car
41) had our first Christmas in Amsterdam
42) had our first guests to stay over at our place
43) bought my first Nude shoes :)
44) bought my first blue cocktail dress
45) had 3 hair coloring in a 7 days period – not good, I can tell you that :)
46) had a professional make-up artist session
47) got awarded at worldwide HP CIRCLE Awards for a digital marketing project with a ROI of over 130 times the investments
48) managed my first 6 figures budget
49) rented my first 1920′s theater costumes
50) designed and published my first professional book cover
51) got a 10 year visa for the US
52) I met for the first time Sint Niklaas, full ceremony
53) made my first pickles :)
54) painted my first series of portraits
55) lived more than one month in a business hotel
56) went to my first Sail festival
57) sailed with a sail vessel for 5 hours
58) went to the AC\DC 2010 tour concert in Bucharest
59) skied for the first time on the Varfu cu dor peak in Bucegi
60) visited the Vienna Art History museum

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