Their love, their hate, their jealousy, have perished long since, and they will never have any further part in what goes on under the sun.

Eugene Ionesco, my dearest absurd

I revisited in the past week Eugene Ionesco after more than ten years: a theatre play collection of The chairs, The Lesson, Victims of Duty, Jack or the Submission, and Amédée, or How to Get Rid of It to mention a few. Absolutely amazing.

Interestingly enough now I stopped seeing the absurd in his plays, but more Continue Reading →

15 minutes till innocence

This experiment has a very unusual result, I filmed the whole moment in one move using b/w grain contrast. The movie in itself is powerful, but when I experimented with multiplications, I discovered that all of a sudden, the entire perspective has changed. I love the sliding cars and way light changes shapes.
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John Maeda is now in the RISD Team

Actually, not just in the RISD team, but leading the Rhode Island School of Design. Even though I never was to MIT, all those years of constantly following his work with the Media Arts and Sciences Department leave me now with a feeling of nostalgia… cute! what can digital information do to a very sane person :)

I hope, and I know, his work will continue to be inspirational and I sure hope one day I get to meet the idea generator man in person.

Art Biennal in Sydney

One of the venues in Biennale of Sydney is Revolution online a postmodern collection of artworks from 1920s Dada… to this year’s interactive work. Check it out!

Ars Electronica and a new cultural economy

I’ve got mail! not e-mail, dearest beloved, but regular mail. From whom? Ars Electronica. Continue Reading →

A good short movie I’ve seen lately

Argent Content, Philippe Dussol’s interesting piece. Great work guys! Continue Reading →

Acadian photos of the 70’s

Browsing for war photo archives, I came upon this website that features a list of copyright free photos. Take a look. Photograph John F. Phillips

Food for the eye

We’ve all eaten goodies by now, and partied a lot :D …. now it’s time for the eye to indulge.

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Glove, where art thou?

Here’s a very cute idea on how to track your long-lost glove… well, this site would have been very useful to me like ten years ago when I had a long series of lost gloves… now I learnt to track them with global positioning system .. lol :D

And another beautiful short movie

The shortest dream – a film about a brief moment in time when things unveil. Everyone is a victim, and everyone is a prosecutor. Life is dense and beautiful. Continue Reading →

Something funny, something blue

An animation that made me laugh, the honest and childish laugh I have missed these days …

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O My, my shoes got painted!

Ndeur offers for sale a new breed of shoes! Your own…. but painted. So, if you want to get a new look to your simple monotonous pair, just send them to this guy and he will have them upgraded :)

Seduced Art & Sex from Antiquity to Now

Jeff Koons, Ilona on Top (Rosa background), 1990. Private collection, courtesy Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin

While in London, until the 27th of January 2008, go and visit the Barbican Art Gallery with this most amazing art exhibition. Erotic art and erotism is everywhere and in any art form, in any age.

Jeff Koons with his Made in Heaven series is hardly my preferred artist, but I have chosen him to illustrate my post as he seems to me the most vulgar in expression. I guess sexuality was the same always, and continues to be the same in the years to come, yet seeing kitsch mixed with sex, a thin line from art to porn, seems to be the key to this exhibition.

Get seduced!

thanks to Eamonn Fitzgerald’s Rainy Day blog entry

Frame by frame animation

For today, a good animation for a Tom Waits song… Continue Reading →

Love matrix :)

Love this geeky love statement. Xkcd takes a very geeky approach to comics, my guess the author is someone with lots of wits and immune to talented drawing :) plus … happy thoughts.

Anybody remember the Karnaugh map ? Nice 2nd year semester, good times, I remember the main idea of the theory, still… rather vaguely :) … And who would have thought to find this theory in a Valentine card :) ?

I’m kinda geeky sometimes myself, but then again I always try to come back to the normal state… and I’m always happy to see there are others that go far beyond :)

Another one …. soooo good!

Machinima festival 2007

The first European Machinima Festival took place this weekend in Leicester, UK.

Not very sure what you know about this form of animation films, I encountered the term machinima in 2005 at Linz Ars Electronica where there was a full seminar on this subject alone. Machinima, pronounced ma-shin-i-ma means making movies using video games, the word being an amalgamation of machine and cinema and it is a fusion of film-making and gaming. Continue Reading →

Muriel Cooper – brilliant mind of the on-screen design

I’ve just read the article on Muriel Cooper and have discovered a great mind. Never knew where the MIT logo came from and that it was her idea.

She was one of the visionaries that foreseen design as interactive and driven by simplicity. In the 60s when technology was only in its infancy, people tended to see it as a big monster capable of changing social realities but inflexible.

Cooper has reinforced the idea that on-screen design can be better than just linecodes :) …. Almost 40 years after we’ve come to Microsoft surface and Apple’s iPhone. Muriel Cooper sure was right!

UK Zoo Art Fair, October 12-15th

Royal Academy of Arts presents its Zoo Art Fair…. Interesting name…

Zoo Art fair says they target new talents, so maybe new talents are like wild animals. Now that lives me with two thoughts: either new talents need to be caged in order to be properly seen :) or they are on the verge of extinction ;) so that they need to be preserved in a zoo.

“Google Art, or How to Hack Google” online exhibition

Rhizome curates an online exhibition of projects that refer to Google way of life :) .

“The selection of projects in Google Art, or How to Hack Google illuminate and critique the influence of this expanding online institution. The projects include ad hacks that attempt to foil Google’s seemingly unstoppable business machinery, playful re-interpretations of search results and alterations of its geographical worldview. Together, they elevate and critique Google’s logic, while recognizing its own deepening relationship with our culture, behavior and lives.”

Curated by Ana Otero for Rhizome.

I liked the simplicity (Maeda, again) of the concept for the GoogleHouses project. It is a website that searches houses images on google by different keywords (you can build interior image collections – bedrooms, bathrooms etc) and exhibits them in a 3D model of walls and interiors.

Takashi Murakami

Good campaign for the conspicuous consumption that Louis Vuitton represents ;) …. Perfect illustration for feeling disoriented in the real “unbranded” life …

Interesting that Takashi Murakami was commissioned for this campaign. The so-called new Andy Warhol of the last decade has made a good point for the Vuitton brand.

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Panorama festival Karlsruhe

Panorama festival in Karlsruhe starts on Saturday and is for the next 6 months. A lot of interesting experiments are to be seen there. You might be fooled that it is a simple display of photographic panoramas collections, but you would be soo wrong: The festival gathers interactive artists that make use of panoramas display in their work Continue Reading →

One new graphics environment – E15

Four grad researchers Kyle Buza, Luis Blackaller, Takashi Okamoto, and Kate Hollenbach from MIT have presented at FlashForward conference, a new graphics environment called E15. As Maeda says on his blog, E15 attempts to bring together the best of the power intrinsic to the Web, full-performance graphics processing, and a fully interpreted environment with dynamic class loading.

There’s a video on this site, looks amazing if I am imagining the right things. Anybody knows more about this E15 or has some more documentation on it?

All of Linz

Ars Electronica launched a land art project. Linz designed its spaces for messages for above. Meaning … the sky :)

Soft Cinema

A project from 2002 of the same Lev Manovich, with a daring(for its time) approach on browsing video content. Tagging visual information such as: contrast, automated velocity computing, while having means to navigate through a vast database of videos and audio files enables the spectator to choose themes and switch perspectives while enjoying this new type of eclectic cinema movie.

I am not actually convinced by this project, now seeing it at over 4 years distance, even though the idea has seen implementation – google video e.g. has done something relevant in this regard. The idea is truly valuable as the amount of video content exceeds at this point the possibility of indexing it in a normal fashion, but the visuals for the project are not that impressive.

Lev Manovich at Ars Electronica

A couple of days ago at Ars Electronica took place a super interesting conference of Lev Manovich on the theme of “The Infinite Expansion”

An extras from the AEC website: “Lev Manovich will present a brief cultural history of how a computer was gradually turned into a machine for media simulation and new media invention between early 1960s and late 1970s (Sutherland, Nelson, Engelbart, Kay, Negroponte, and others). He will argue that today we are dealing with unforeseen result of this transformation: that is, the constant invention of new media by designers, programmers, computer scientists, and artists has replaced creation of content. Thus, media is finally indeed became the message. More precisely: constantly changing and expanding media possibilities became more culturally important than content.”

I wish I was there…. eeeh :)

Lev Manovich, Negroponte and Meyrowitz were my influences a couple of years ago. Little by little I rediscover the people behind the books and the way they evolve in time. Some people just manage to stay agile and alert.

Damien Hirst skull sells for 100 million dollars

The work, entitled “For the Love of God,” is a skull cast in platinum and encrusted with 8,601 diamonds. Carbon dating has shown that the original skull on which Hirst’s work is modelled dates to the 18th century.

hmm.. that’s interesting. I’ve seen in Oslo Hirst’s famous works of the cut in half cow … didn’t know about him at that time, and the work just struck me with all its raised questions: what is art, what can we use as art material, what is life, what is the difference between eating a cow and exhibiting it… and how is it to be into a cow’s body …

He is the type of artist that will challenge vision and not craftsmanship, and has done it with such great power.

What is your take on such an art display?

Uncle Sam

As a curiosity, did you know the image of Uncle Sam has its 194th birthday today :) ?
Happy birthday!

I want Hieronymus Bosch in my video games

Ned Beauman on TheBlogArt&Architecture raises one very good question: why not use art in computer/console video games and what artists could be placed in this context. Continue Reading →

Nokia launches web music service

I am beginning to love BBC :) they’ve got the most interesting news about this industry… Nokia has launched today the new music and games download service, challenging both rival handset makers and mobile phone network providers Continue Reading →

Visualizar by MedialabMadri+d – 12th November 2007 to 6th January 2008

I’ve found an interesting project developed by those at Medialabmadrid, on the social, artistic and cultural applications of data visualization through a broad program of activities including reflection, research and the production of knowledge. The aim is to bring these interpretive keys to new fields of work where Continue Reading →

Till Nowak’s tribute to Arcimboldo

Arcimboldo is one of the weirdest artists i’ve seen, love his works but never actually knew where to place them and what to do with his experience. Till Nowak got his clue and reinterpreted Alien freaks :) in Archimboldo’s style … Great work!

Yesterday big concert on

I see entering this new breed of concerts – live online… I think in two years the most, internet will be the not medium for broadcasting concerts and live events, as well. So far, the whole industry is switching to video and live streaming. Video it’s the new pink :)


There’s a huge gap between wanting and having, but these guys proved to be sooo brilliant in making this gap almost disappear.

Cristine and Justin had an art idea that proved to be quite fun for the artists themselves.

Online collaborative projects

That’s what I’ve discovered in the last 30 minutes: three interesting projects all developed at MIT and a designer that helped build one of the websites.

1. Openstudio is more or less a site about artists that draw online. One setback – using Java is kinda limiting your own possibilities of expression. But the concept “OPENSTUDIO is web + art + community + economics.” goes far beyond drawing as it also includes art transactions and possibility for negotiating jobs for the registered artists. Some of the founders Amber Frid-Jimenez, Annie Ding and Burak Arikan.

2. Along with Open I/O, OpenCode, OpenSpace and OpenTag, Openstudio belongs to PLWire at MIT, namely The Physical Language Workshop

PLW kinda puzzled me with one concept: audio tag … now what is that? Some sort of answering machine over the internet? Why tag? I do have to dig a little more to see precisely.

3. What else? A very funky project, haven’t got the time to see it through but the name is puzzling Emma on relationships :D

And 4. the designer Takashi Okamoto in charge of designing the plw site. Same japanese/academic visual minimalism. Worth browsing as the sites abounds in all sorts of visuals so different from what can be seen on Romanian market. Not thoroughly commercial, rather a breath of unconventional fresh air.

Isn’t browsing fun love?

Life and death art question :D

Last night I had to do some order in my lost lost lost pile of art sketches and courses from university. The “unimportant ones” as the important ones are very well classified :) . Continue Reading →

Short & Fast film festival in Scotland

This is an interesting festival, too bad I’ve just found about it today, as the deadline is only a few days away – August 25th. This thursday…. maybe short enough, but I also have to be fast enough :) to submit a significant work. Continue Reading →

Interesting idea for women artists. It is open to artwork submission if you are a woman artist over 21 years of age. Interestingly enough, they don’t position themselves as feminists and militants, rather as visual interpreters on feminism ;) so to say. Freedom of interpretation is their key.

Very good web project!

An artist I look up to

I first noticed Daniel Rozin when I was searching for a MFA in interactive art at NYU, ITP. [ Got into the program, but didn't get the scholarship (another story, let's get back)] … Continue Reading →

Work on digital image

Daniel Lee is a guy that inspired me a while ago. I am very interested in color processing on digital images, and even though my work is not related to DTP and print, I almost always correct images I have to use on different multimedia presentations so that they have the proper color ratio. Continue Reading →

Robots at play

An interesting event happening in Danmark, at Odense – Robots at play from 23 to 25 August.

The lawn mower that mows the lawn completely by itself. The therapeutic robotic teddy bear “Huggable”. The toy robot that provokes children to move around Continue Reading →


A recreation of a few good men. Very good one! Watch video here >> Continue Reading →

Hello world!

A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.
Annie Leibovitz

I do believe, like Annie Leibovitz, that falling in love with what you do is the key to create good shit. So please, feel free to linger on this Romanian blog on interactivity and art and subsequently, internet business. You’ll find here news about the industry, serious research in this domain, info on artists that use interactivity in their art and all sorts of things that I love about art.

See ya soon!