CUIL, as in cool :), is the next Google

Finally! When I was beginning to think and fear, for that matter ;) , that Google will be the mastermind of all information around the globe, here comes a google-competitor., pronounced cool ;) , is a search engine that not only provides results faster than google, but organizes information upon relevancy. God, that is refreshing! Continue Reading →

Next best thing in technology and computer business

Antonio Altamirano, Internet Marketing Consultant at Accenture posted a key question yesterday on LinkedIn on what will the next three years bring to us technology wise …

Someone talked about changing the country global internet infrastructure, so that services will go to another level, another answer was that innovation on interfaces is probably already signaled by the launching of Nintendo Wii, iPhone and Microsoft Surface. Virtual world technology, like Second Life, was also mentioned, WiMax and Ubiqutous Computing.

What I think will be the necessary move in the next 2 or 3 years is the tag based file organization. The folder style for data storage on computers is so last century. Even my mom needs to associate text files to different folders, or associate different type of files to photos, and searching through one year of normal vacations photos in my computer becomes impossible. I actually feel the need to organize my files tag-based. Microsoft and Mac OS XI I am counting on you on this one :) !