Hoe heb ik Vicente ontmoet – Tien werkwoorden – Ik leer Nederlands (3)

Ik had aangenomen dat hij was al ingehuurd door Ben, anders zou ik nooit hebben hem die baan geboden.

Later, toen heb ik Ben weer ontmoet, en ik al zei ik had zijn Vicente ingehuurd, was hij verrast:

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Tien werkwoorden – Ik leer Nederlands (2)

- Heb jij die dag genoten? De hele ochtend en middag heb je op het strand doorgebracht…
- Het was geweldig! Hedurende vier uur, heb ik niet de stilte van de golven gebroken, en aan de horizon gekeken.
- Vier uur, en jij bent niet gedaan? ze heeft zoet gelachen. Je moet maar even schrijven al deze..
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Ik leer Nederlands (1)

Ik kijk uit het raam uit en ik zie veel groene bomen . De hemel is licht-blauw en de zon is bijna gaat slapen. Vandag heb ik heel veel dingen gemaakt gedaan, maar heb ik ik heb nog veel energie. Naast het stegje, zek ik een fiets. Wit met zwart, hij zit kalm en rustig.

Laws of physics and beloved spinning particles…

To me, the most obvious sign that God exists is the fact that all this immense universe is obeying the same laws. Over and over again. I mean, a physics law is something that only has meaning in a mind. Otherwise it is just plain jabberish, yet all planets, all single objects (that do not possess a mind to understand the law) respect the same laws to an infinite manner. So there must be a Continue Reading →

John Maeda is now in the RISD Team

Actually, not just in the RISD team, but leading the Rhode Island School of Design. Even though I never was to MIT, all those years of constantly following his work with the Media Arts and Sciences Department leave me now with a feeling of nostalgia… cute! what can digital information do to a very sane person :)

I hope, and I know, his work will continue to be inspirational and I sure hope one day I get to meet the idea generator man in person.

Time shopping

some people get bankrupt by insane shopping experiences. I don’t like to shop till I drop :) … but I recently discovered that I do something that is veery close to doing the same thing :)

Whenever someone asks me for some help (paid or not) I’m always there with a big YES … well… when I only did 2 universities at a time and had a boyfriend and a job .. at that time, it was not criminal. but right now…

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A new subatomic particle has born :)

Not everyday we live to have this type of news. Japanese researchers at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Tsukuba, Japan, the “Belle collaboration”, recently announced the discovery of an exotic new sub-atomic particle with non-zero electric charge. This particle Continue Reading →

Left Brain vs Right Brain

Now that’s a tricky one. How do you see the dancer turning – clockwise or counter-clockwise? Continue Reading →

From NLP back to robots

I’ve been three days away from the computer, and i already miss my usual habit for digging up stuff. This weekend I’ve been in a training on a self-concept course.
Using NLP techniques, the training was focused on personal growth. We’ve worked on making good qualities even better, ambiguous ones less ambiguous and the bad ones juuuust a little good :) and on adding more qualities where there were none.

Not very easy, I can tell you that, especially with the bad and ambiguous ones. Yet, the change is very powerful, as changing the representational system, one can really change ways of communicating thoughts and ideas and seeing the reality clearer.

In fact, the map is not the territory, and I have to agree with NLP on that.

Interaction means communication, if communication is limited, the interaction is as such … communication means a certain protocol as well… so where the protocol is ambiguous, the communication is the same … that’s the nlp stand point, and after the training this weekend I completely agree. The toughest part is the communication with yourself. how can I be sure that I am doing what I like, if I am not sure for what exactly do I like.

So on this course I’ve worked on three qualities, I let you decide which one is bad, good and nonexistent in me :) – analytical approach to life, intuition and empathy.

Love matrix :)

Love this geeky love statement. Xkcd takes a very geeky approach to comics, my guess the author is someone with lots of wits and immune to talented drawing :) plus … happy thoughts.

Anybody remember the Karnaugh map ? Nice 2nd year semester, good times, I remember the main idea of the theory, still… rather vaguely :) … And who would have thought to find this theory in a Valentine card :) ?

I’m kinda geeky sometimes myself, but then again I always try to come back to the normal state… and I’m always happy to see there are others that go far beyond :)

Another one …. soooo good!

Freedom for a few days

Not sure if I told you earlier, but I have enrolled in a NLP practitioner program. Have done 2 training sessions so far, 5 more to go.

I highly recommend! For business people, for creatives, for communication job-oriented seekers. The techniques you experience there really changes paradigms.

Here is another program I’d like to participate in. It’s on writing, and I am quite interested in becoming a good communicator in writing. I usually write by telling stories in an interior dialogue style
step 1. let me tell you a story
step 2. I thought of this story because this and that
step 3. Why is this story so powerful
step 4. the story
step 5. how other people who I told over the years, have received this story

this is a very analytic type of story telling. It works wonders with some people, but with others I just lose them because they tend to want to hear everything in just phrase, if possible.

I’d like to be more, but I’m not sure I will have the chance, due to the fact that I just changed jobs :D .

Muriel Cooper – brilliant mind of the on-screen design

I’ve just read the iht.com article on Muriel Cooper and have discovered a great mind. Never knew where the MIT logo came from and that it was her idea.

She was one of the visionaries that foreseen design as interactive and driven by simplicity. In the 60s when technology was only in its infancy, people tended to see it as a big monster capable of changing social realities but inflexible.

Cooper has reinforced the idea that on-screen design can be better than just linecodes :) …. Almost 40 years after we’ve come to Microsoft surface and Apple’s iPhone. Muriel Cooper sure was right!

Video lectures

One of the ideas I thought it would be good to develop (not that I’ve taken the time or the money to do it … oooh, hate myself in this kind of moments) is the one of online video conference portal.

This VideoLectures.net video portal is one very interesting website to look for in the following months. I think it has the spark that might turn itself into a great project.

Would you research such a site in order to learn for school or work related stuff?

Online collaborative projects

That’s what I’ve discovered in the last 30 minutes: three interesting projects all developed at MIT and a designer that helped build one of the websites.

1. Openstudio is more or less a site about artists that draw online. One setback – using Java is kinda limiting your own possibilities of expression. But the concept “OPENSTUDIO is web + art + community + economics.” goes far beyond drawing as it also includes art transactions and possibility for negotiating jobs for the registered artists. Some of the founders Amber Frid-Jimenez, Annie Ding and Burak Arikan.

2. Along with Open I/O, OpenCode, OpenSpace and OpenTag, Openstudio belongs to PLWire at MIT, namely The Physical Language Workshop

PLW kinda puzzled me with one concept: audio tag … now what is that? Some sort of answering machine over the internet? Why tag? I do have to dig a little more to see precisely.

3. What else? A very funky project, haven’t got the time to see it through but the name is puzzling Emma on relationships :D

And 4. the designer Takashi Okamoto in charge of designing the plw site. Same japanese/academic visual minimalism. Worth browsing as the sites abounds in all sorts of visuals so different from what can be seen on Romanian market. Not thoroughly commercial, rather a breath of unconventional fresh air.

Isn’t browsing fun love?

Book on Processing tbl in September 2007

Casey Reas and Ben Fry will release a book on their renewed program Processing at MIT Press this September. I have worked a little bit with Processing, it is really fascinating, point is Romania has no market for it. Or maybe I just haven’t got the insight so far.

The book will turn interesting to designers and developers, I’d like to have one copy when it’s released.