Art Biennal in Sydney

One of the venues in Biennale of Sydney is Revolution online a postmodern collection of artworks from 1920s Dada… to this year’s interactive work. Check it out!

Ars Electronica and a new cultural economy

I’ve got mail! not e-mail, dearest beloved, but regular mail. From whom? Ars Electronica. Continue Reading →

Food for the eye

We’ve all eaten goodies by now, and partied a lot :D …. now it’s time for the eye to indulge.

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The universe is a pond

I have read today one of the most impressive article on universe and physics. I don’t recall having such a great intuition over the theory of everything and the superstrings as the one today. It’s really impressive to have such an all-of-a-sudden crisp-clear understanding… by just using a metaphor.

I would say that definitely black holes are ripples of the outer dimensions, but for light and gravity I would have to think through…

Something funny, something blue

An animation that made me laugh, the honest and childish laugh I have missed these days …

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O My, my shoes got painted!

Ndeur offers for sale a new breed of shoes! Your own…. but painted. So, if you want to get a new look to your simple monotonous pair, just send them to this guy and he will have them upgraded :)

Seduced Art & Sex from Antiquity to Now

Jeff Koons, Ilona on Top (Rosa background), 1990. Private collection, courtesy Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin

While in London, until the 27th of January 2008, go and visit the Barbican Art Gallery with this most amazing art exhibition. Erotic art and erotism is everywhere and in any art form, in any age.

Jeff Koons with his Made in Heaven series is hardly my preferred artist, but I have chosen him to illustrate my post as he seems to me the most vulgar in expression. I guess sexuality was the same always, and continues to be the same in the years to come, yet seeing kitsch mixed with sex, a thin line from art to porn, seems to be the key to this exhibition.

Get seduced!

thanks to Eamonn Fitzgerald’s Rainy Day blog entry

Love matrix :)

Love this geeky love statement. Xkcd takes a very geeky approach to comics, my guess the author is someone with lots of wits and immune to talented drawing :) plus … happy thoughts.

Anybody remember the Karnaugh map ? Nice 2nd year semester, good times, I remember the main idea of the theory, still… rather vaguely :) … And who would have thought to find this theory in a Valentine card :) ?

I’m kinda geeky sometimes myself, but then again I always try to come back to the normal state… and I’m always happy to see there are others that go far beyond :)

Another one …. soooo good!

UK Zoo Art Fair, October 12-15th

Royal Academy of Arts presents its Zoo Art Fair…. Interesting name…

Zoo Art fair says they target new talents, so maybe new talents are like wild animals. Now that lives me with two thoughts: either new talents need to be caged in order to be properly seen :) or they are on the verge of extinction ;) so that they need to be preserved in a zoo.

Uncle Sam

As a curiosity, did you know the image of Uncle Sam has its 194th birthday today :) ?
Happy birthday!

Life and death art question :D

Last night I had to do some order in my lost lost lost pile of art sketches and courses from university. The “unimportant ones” as the important ones are very well classified :) . Continue Reading →

Hello world!

A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.
Annie Leibovitz

I do believe, like Annie Leibovitz, that falling in love with what you do is the key to create good shit. So please, feel free to linger on this Romanian blog on interactivity and art and subsequently, internet business. You’ll find here news about the industry, serious research in this domain, info on artists that use interactivity in their art and all sorts of things that I love about art.

See ya soon!