Isn’t it true? Why did it take me so long to figure it out?

Today I have learnt one very good lesson in life: if I happen to have an insight on my own near future, and I don’t like what I see, than… instead of accepting the despair :) , I can actually change my future!

It didn’t occur to me to this day that this is why we all have insights :) so that we can actually do something with them… doh!

Of course I applied this rule on various times in my personal history, but I rarely used it in very important decision I took. I usually made major decisions by accommodating myself to the environment, never by trying to abruptly change the environment. If I eventually changed it, it was after a very long while, and by almost invisible steps… Today I learnt that I don’t need to wait for so long to make a change for myself.

illustration by EBEN

Freedom for a few days

Not sure if I told you earlier, but I have enrolled in a NLP practitioner program. Have done 2 training sessions so far, 5 more to go.

I highly recommend! For business people, for creatives, for communication job-oriented seekers. The techniques you experience there really changes paradigms.

Here is another program I’d like to participate in. It’s on writing, and I am quite interested in becoming a good communicator in writing. I usually write by telling stories in an interior dialogue style
step 1. let me tell you a story
step 2. I thought of this story because this and that
step 3. Why is this story so powerful
step 4. the story
step 5. how other people who I told over the years, have received this story

this is a very analytic type of story telling. It works wonders with some people, but with others I just lose them because they tend to want to hear everything in just phrase, if possible.

I’d like to be more, but I’m not sure I will have the chance, due to the fact that I just changed jobs :D .