Announce your intent II

I’ve chatted with a friend of mine about this (and also bragged to him that my blog is now linked by cnn on the article of cybercrime Victory!) and he gave my an interesting thought. The calls may be also categorized as of urgent, normal and low importance.

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iPod’s touch-screen

As if I sensed something in the dusty air of Bucharest :) , more precisely of Apple’s update of iPod’s screen with the one of the most praised iPhone ;;) … I just bought myself a little and very precious sidebed lamp for late at night novels and art/psychology/computer reading.

The one and only Vico Magistretti‘s 1965 revival of white DALU lamp ….

Great design asks for great design in return , or so they say :)

iPhone unlocked by George Hotz

Good news that AT&T is no longer the sole operator of iPhone. As George Hotz shows on his blog on thursday, there are 10 steps to break in

BBC reads that “Before George Hotz’s announcement on his blog, the iPhone was made to work on overseas networks using another method, which involves copying information from the Sim (Subscriber Identity Module) card.

However, special equipment was needed and the actual phone was not unlocked, with each Sim card having to be reprogrammed for use on a particular iPhone.”

George, do us all a good favor and unlock it for the European market… we love iPhone just as well :) !!