Kinesthetic researches

NLP made me perceive the world with all senses opened and better prepared for the large amount of info I have to process. And to process wisely, I might add.

The next three days I’ll be again on a training session for NLP, I can’t wait to work on the new techniques. The very first sign that is obvious for me after taking those NLP trainings is the awareness I have for the sensorial perceptions in other people intends and forms of expression. Continue Reading →

From NLP back to robots

I’ve been three days away from the computer, and i already miss my usualĀ habitĀ for digging up stuff. This weekend I’ve been in a training on a self-concept course.
Using NLP techniques, the training was focused on personal growth. We’ve worked on making good qualities even better, ambiguous ones less ambiguous and the bad ones juuuust a little good :) and on adding more qualities where there were none.

Not very easy, I can tell you that, especially with the bad and ambiguous ones. Yet, the change is very powerful, as changing the representational system, one can really change ways of communicating thoughts and ideas and seeing the reality clearer.

In fact, the map is not the territory, and I have to agree with NLP on that.

Interaction means communication, if communication is limited, the interaction is as such … communication means a certain protocol as well… so where the protocol is ambiguous, the communication is the same … that’s the nlp stand point, and after the training this weekend I completely agree. The toughest part is the communication with yourself. how can I be sure that I am doing what I like, if I am not sure for what exactly do I like.

So on this course I’ve worked on three qualities, I let you decide which one is bad, good and nonexistent in me :) – analytical approach to life, intuition and empathy.

NLP weekend

As Wired blog says here, the robots used in military actions sometimes do terrible mistakes and seem to have a life of their own.

Freedom for a few days

Not sure if I told you earlier, but I have enrolled in a NLP practitioner program. Have done 2 training sessions so far, 5 more to go.

I highly recommend! For business people, for creatives, for communication job-oriented seekers. The techniques you experience there really changes paradigms.

Here is another program I’d like to participate in. It’s on writing, and I am quite interested in becoming a good communicator in writing. I usually write by telling stories in an interior dialogue style
step 1. let me tell you a story
step 2. I thought of this story because this and that
step 3. Why is this story so powerful
step 4. the story
step 5. how other people who I told over the years, have received this story

this is a very analytic type of story telling. It works wonders with some people, but with others I just lose them because they tend to want to hear everything in just phrase, if possible.

I’d like to be more, but I’m not sure I will have the chance, due to the fact that I just changed jobs :D .