Seduced Art & Sex from Antiquity to Now

Jeff Koons, Ilona on Top (Rosa background), 1990. Private collection, courtesy Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin

While in London, until the 27th of January 2008, go and visit the Barbican Art Gallery with this most amazing art exhibition. Erotic art and erotism is everywhere and in any art form, in any age.

Jeff Koons with his Made in Heaven series is hardly my preferred artist, but I have chosen him to illustrate my post as he seems to me the most vulgar in expression. I guess sexuality was the same always, and continues to be the same in the years to come, yet seeing kitsch mixed with sex, a thin line from art to porn, seems to be the key to this exhibition.

Get seduced!

thanks to Eamonn Fitzgerald’s Rainy Day blog entry

Takashi Murakami

Good campaign for the conspicuous consumption that Louis Vuitton represents ;) …. Perfect illustration for feeling disoriented in the real “unbranded” life …

Interesting that Takashi Murakami was commissioned for this campaign. The so-called new Andy Warhol of the last decade has made a good point for the Vuitton brand.

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All of Linz

Ars Electronica launched a land art project. Linz designed its spaces for messages for above. Meaning … the sky :)

Damien Hirst skull sells for 100 million dollars

The work, entitled “For the Love of God,” is a skull cast in platinum and encrusted with 8,601 diamonds. Carbon dating has shown that the original skull on which Hirst’s work is modelled dates to the 18th century.

hmm.. that’s interesting. I’ve seen in Oslo Hirst’s famous works of the cut in half cow … didn’t know about him at that time, and the work just struck me with all its raised questions: what is art, what can we use as art material, what is life, what is the difference between eating a cow and exhibiting it… and how is it to be into a cow’s body …

He is the type of artist that will challenge vision and not craftsmanship, and has done it with such great power.

What is your take on such an art display?

I want Hieronymus Bosch in my video games

Ned Beauman on TheBlogArt&Architecture raises one very good question: why not use art in computer/console video games and what artists could be placed in this context. Continue Reading →