10 years of YMessenger and friends

I don’t know about you, but I have Ymess since 1998. So that makes approximately 10 years … OMG, until I wrote these words, I did not even realize so much time passed by …

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Free versus cheap in business

Here is Chris Anderson, Wired’s Editor in Chief, in a video about businesses and services becoming free over the internet. I do agree, things become free for the user, but they will most definitely stay payable for the entrepreneur. I mean, yeah, Google gives free services for the end-user… but google advertisement is paid by the ones that want to be advertised. Continue Reading →

Surveillance Society II

the saga continues :)

What do you think is the first thing I do when entering my blog’s admin panel? The very first thing is to go to the counterize section to see what IP’s have visited me, who is online now and what pages were most visited today… of course, I also get all sorts of statistics from google analytics. Continue Reading →

Yahoo protection rules!

How about that for protection!!!!

Love you guys! Please cut the crap and get me my account back, there’s noone to be protected from, except some nice friends of mine that have a nice server that sends the same 5MB tiff file over and over again. Pleeeeaseee let me send e-mails… it’s times like now when I realize how internet addicted I am…

Niiice! Don’t you think?