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mixed media


2018 // 85cm x 65cm // Intervention on photography mixed media
Edition of one

The series of five works explore the inextricable beauty of inner thought. The observed world brings meaning at the core of being and is, in return, filled with and by it.

The touch with which one reflects the world around gives life to the inanimate space. It is as ineffable as a whisper and as strong as the soul itself.

Artworks are available for purchase.


interactive performance


Perceptive interactive installation, choreography, projection
September 23, 2015
Studio Area 59 // Amsterdam [NL]

THE PERCEPTiVE i performance investigates human perception and its capacity to awaken the consciousness.

It immerses its participants into the secret stages of perception. The two dancers are slowly discovering the world and themselves using the tactile perception of the installation. It is not the eye that does the perception, the eye is only sensitive to visual stimulus, it is the I that analyses and integrates the meaning.

By using custom written perceptive algorithms, the installation brings to surface the hidden layers that humans experience every single moment of their wakeful life.

These moments prove that humans are able to value art, its movements or techniques because the mind has already experienced it.


photography series

structure of dreams

2013 // 70×50 cm // Archival Pigment Print
Edition of 8

The photographic series aims to create a certain reverie mood through its unusual angle of perception of natural constructs and spaces.

The tilt and shift lens distorts the perception of distance and brings a meditative focal point that would not have been possible otherwise. The dance between light, lens and natural texture adds the surreal dream-like structure.

Artworks are available for purchase.


photographic series


Curated for the Once Upon a Time exhibition in Berlin, Marzia Frozen Gallery, the DIALOGUE series look into the unexpected dialogue between two simulacra of the human being – the model and the photographic print. Strong white shapes articulate element of personhood. Abstract forms go into a dialogue between sheer force and majestic presence.


digital installation

surveillance society

Surveillance Society 2014 – Toronto CA // 2011 – Pennsylvania, USA // 2011 – Haifa, Israel // 2010 – New Hampshire, USA

“Ruxandra Cristina Bocin-Dumitriu is a visionary in multiple senses of the word.
She sees the future in the technologies of the present, and she knows how to visualize the present and imagine the future in her photographs, installations, and graphic compositions.
Her art explores the limits and possibilities of media. The theme of connectivity permeates her photography, whether through portraits, abstract compositions, or natural structures.
Her various forms of art expose how new media blur boundaries and create new juxtapositions as digital technologies both aid and complicate the search for identity, connection, and dialogue.

Ruxandra’s installation Surveillance Society displaying live feed from 18 surveillance cameras from different parts of the world was an inspiration in my work on surveillance and peerveillance, and I’ve used it many times as an opening display before public lectures on the topic. It always wowed the audience and prepared them well for my arguments and analyses.”

prof Dr. Joshua Meyrowitz – Professor Emeritus of Media Studies, University of New Hampshire, and author of No Sense of Place; The Impact of Electronic Media on Social Behavior.